Andrea 30 {weightloss, fitness}

Why did you decide start personal training and wellness coaching? 

I have never been an active person and was very overweight. I needed someone to hold my hand through all steps – learning the basics of exercise without injury, nutrition without dieting, stress management and being accountable

What goals did you have when you first met Chris? 

To finish something I started, lose weight and be able to know how to exercise myself (and enjoy it)

Did you have any injuries or special concerns that you needed Chris to be able to work around or improve? 

Shin splints when I run, running style that causes injury, being a complete beginner!

What changes or achievements do you feel you’ve made to your fitness and well-being to date? 

Lost about 25kg, can exercise mostly without injury, confidence and enjoying functional exercise, better mental clarity, anxiety and stress reduction and practicing mindfulness

How do you feel now, compared to before you started your program?

Like a new person, physically, mentally, emotionally. I better understand how my body works with both diet and exercise but more than anything I have confidence in myself and my ability.

What sort of training have you been doing? 

Reform, weights, spin bike, running, swimming, group sessions

How many sessions do you do each week? 


Do you train on your own sometimes? Or do you only do the sessions with Chris?

Happy to do it by myself as he has given me a great variety of workouts – but get more out of my workout with Chris!

How do you find the nutritional program and guidance? 

Great, I have followed the nutrition plan for my whole journey. Learning what food to eat when and what it does in my body has given me a good understanding of what a balanced diet looks like. I also  broke a pretty full on sugar addiction

What text message from Chris has made you laugh? 

Drea: you got some awesome specialist skills Chris: thank you – it’s part of my retardedness 🙂  and ‘keep an eye on hip flexor – we need to fix this bit*h!’ There were so many more!

What line has Chris used during training that made you chuckle or roll your eyes? 

‘This hurts me more than it hurts you’, ‘smile, drink some water, don’t take things too seriously – nothing is do or die – well until you die’ Drea – I said left hand not right (and he wasn’t even looking at me!)

What are your favourite words of wisdom from Chris that have really struck a chord for you? 

Knowing your boundaries and respecting them in exercise is hard, your ego wants you to keep pushing, to stop before you injure yourself is harder because you are fighting that ego.

How has Chris helped or supported you with achieving your goals? 

By focussing on wellness from the beginning, making me understand it is not just about weight and punishing myself.  He has made me realise this should be (and can be) fun – not a chore. He has a magic knack of knowing when I need support or when I need motivation.

What part of your training program do you enjoy most? 

REFORM! I can drastically see a difference in my strength which makes my every day life much easier! Also helping me run without hurting myself, learning to turn the right muscles on when necessary.

What part of your training program do you enjoy least? 

Arms…although I have learnt anything that I don’t like is generally going to get awesome results if I stick to Chris’s guidance.

How did you find out about Chris? 

Friend of friend

Would you recommend Chris to your friends and family? Have you recommended Chris to your friends and family? 

Yes to both! They all know where he is when they are ready to make a change!

What’s your next health and fitness goal and how are you planning to achieve it? 

10k run without injury!

How has your life changed since you started your program? How do you feel? 

Better in touch with my body and emotions, so much more functional in everyday movements. I also have a tonne more stamina and confidence in myself. He has helped me take off my thinking cap sometimes and just be present in the moment – this has made me so much more positive and genuinely enjoy life more.

Any other experiences, thoughts or background you’d like to share 

Best thing about Chris is he has known my ability (better than I did) through my whole journey and never made me uncomfortable or pushed me too far during a workout. By making me do things properly and use right muscles I have seen natural progression without any torturous workouts what so ever! This is what I was most afraid of when starting!