Class Description

Places in each class are limited.

Outdoor STRETCH classes guided by Chris Chesher

These classes (previously known as REFORM) are held outdoors in the downtown Brisbane Botanical Gardens, they are self paced flexibility and body work classes designed to UNDO the damage from sitting and bad posture.  If you have a desk job, this is the class for you.  These classes are also perfect for those who lead an active life and need to unwind the body from running and cycling.

Come for 30 minutes or stay for the full class!

Wednesday: 6:45 – 7:30 am – warm up begins at 6:40 am

Meet the group at The Gardens Club in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens.

This class is FREE – no booking, just come along and join the group!

Although we will have some yoga mats to borrow, it would be great if you could bring your own along to use if you have them


What is RE.FORM?

RE.FORM is an essential foundation practice that will enhance performance in sport and in daily physical activity.  It is a combination of movements that include yoga postures, flexibility positions, Pilates, plyometrics and isometrics.   The sequencing is important and the focus is on the breathe, activation, and body awareness. It is designed to develop and improve both physical and mental aspects including: balance, core conditioning, alignment, posture, endurance, flexibility, body awareness, strength, upper and lower body strength.

Inzone Cardio

In this Class the participants can choose to use a treadmill, cross trainer, row machine, or spin bike. We work off individualized heart rate zones in this class so each participant works at their own intensity levels using a heart rate monitor which is provided. The class is designed to improve the skills within cardiovascular training such as aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, strength adaptation, and speed/neuromuscular adaption.

Lift Clinics

The lift classes are about teaching you how to activate your muscules using various modalities such as yoga poses, pilates exercises, body weight exercises, and weights.  It is also about balance work and uni-lateal work.  These classes create physical awareness and building strength.

Computrainer Cycling Session

You’ll need to bring your own bike.  All fitness levels welcome from beginner to elite athlete.  This is without a doubt the funnest and best way to improve your cycling! We use power and heart rate to dial in each and every workout which is coached by our Elite coaching staff. Avoid hot weather, stop-lights, cars, and bad roads and join a supportive community of riders while your push hard in a controlled environment!  Each workout will be customized to the individual and their current fitness program and how their body feels for that day.

Early Bird gets the worm class caters mainly for stronger cyclists/triathletes who have been training regularly and are used to getting up early to workout, although it is open to all abilities.  The Solid Efforts class is dedicated to those looking to improve the cycling ability. We will do a lot of work at threshold but your amount of time at threshold will be relative to your ability, where you’re at in your training program, and your fatigue level. The Learn your gears, face your fears (safety) class is open to all abilities but is directed at helping new cyclists learn about their bikes and how to have good workouts that are at the proper intensity for their current fitness level.  We will work on how to change gears when hills come and work on best practices for riding a bike.

Run Bike Brick – Computrainer session

This will be a solid effort to simulate your race day with a race pace run after (we will give the workouts according to the distance/s you race)  * The run after is optional but recommended.

Computrainer 30 minute express – Race your mates

You need to bring your own bike.  This is an express class hard controlled efforts with good form.  This class will either be a 5 minute warmup with a 20 min race effort and 5 min cool down or Intervals.  Each workout will be customized to that individual and their current fitness program and how their body feels for that day.

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