David 27 {weightloss, fitness}

David – Age 27

Why did you decide start personal training and wellness coaching?

Health had reached a critical level that could no longer be ignored.

What goals did you have when you first met Chris?

To get to a healthy weight, that early on was nothing more specific.

Did you have any injuries or special concerns that you needed Chris to be able to work around or improve?

Both knees severely damaged from playing sport (ruptured/torn ligaments in both) that required constant attention and monitoring as well as strengthening.

What changes or achievements do you feel you’ve made to your fitness and well-being to date?

I feel like I have genuinely made a life changing turn around. Losing weight is one thing but my entire lifestyle has is now essentially unrecognisable (in a positive way) from what it was before I met Chris. This has led to genuine mental and emotional health improvements that have just blown both myself and everyone who knew me before I met Chris.

How do you feel now, compared to before you started your program?

I’m happier, more productive, active and outgoing than I was before. I feel more capable and confident across the board, like I can take on any challenge which has had positive effects in every facet of my life.

What sort of training have you been doing?

For two years (Start point to final weight goal) I trained 3 or 4 days a week in the gym for on average 3 hours a day and 2 hours on off days between gym sessions. The core exercises during this time were running (cardio) weights and then flexibility (stretching) and core strength. These days with full time work I still aim for 3 gym sessions a week (2 hours) and my off days are more just focussed on all round activity (active hobbies like rock climbing and hiking) as I’ve transitioned out of the gym.

How many sessions do you do each week?

3-4 as mentioned above but honestly I try not to think too much in terms of sessions, one of the key things (habits I guess) that I picked up with Chris is that fitness is something that transcends allotted time and became a way of life.

Do you train on your own sometimes? Or do you only do the sessions with Chris?

I trained with Chris 3 times a week, overall this was probably 1/3rd of my training time as Chris gave me the tools, ability and mid set of being able train by myself

How do you find the nutritional program and guidance?

Absolutely on point and essential. I cannot stress enough how important it was that Chris established early on the importance of nutrition as being the foundation of being healthy before we even stepped into the gym to train. It wasn’t just a case of saying oh you can’t outrun a bad diet and tutting in the background. Chris provided lists, explanations and constant hints tips and ideas to make eating healthy both an attractive and more importantly practical and sustainable option.

What text message from Chris has made you laugh?

Ahhh, all/most of them? That I can repeat here? Just anything deriding me for being a bit of a wuss about some things (ok a lot of things).

What line has Chris used during training that made you chuckle or roll your eyes?

Err that one involving the monkey? You know the one. Just his opinion on my totally smooth and impromptu dance moves.

How has Chris helped or supported you with achieving your goals?

By taking the time to get to know me, the nuances and intricacies of my approach to exercise and life in general to better communicate with me. He was a friend from the first day who supported me with the mental struggle associated with weight loss that honestly a lot of other trainers/popular material and media don’t acknowledge as being a huge factor. I felt like I was going in every time to train with a friend because I wanted to, which may seem like a side effect or just something to make it more pleasant, the cherry on top if you will, but it was probably the biggest reason for my success. Weight loss for me was a marathon, not a sprint and being in an energy deficit and walking in to a three hour workout (every other day for years) was something that was honestly just brutal a lot of the time. Yet there was always a part of me that looked forward to it because Chris would be there. Again it sounds odd and it is hard to explain but it made all the difference. That feeling that he engendered was the key and I feel is something genuinely unique to him as a person.

What part of your training program do you enjoy most?

Probably a mix between that high you get mid run or lift that’s mostly a physiological thing and the mental and emotional high that follows that when you’re recovering at home or whatever just feeling your body respond to the hard work.

What part of your training program do you enjoy least?

Ummm….the part when I don’t get to do it? Honestly that’s not even a funny answer there really is no negative I can mentally conceive for training. I’m deliberately separating difficulty and enjoyment here because sure sometimes it was hard and I struggled but what came from that was almost always something positive.   Oh maybe the cost of having to drop like 8 shirt sizes and having a buy a new wardrobe every other 3 month cycle haha.

How did you find out about Chris?

My Mum worked for QUT and a lot of her co-workers were training with him so really positive word of mouth.

Would you recommend Chris to your friends and family? Have you recommended Chris to your friends and family?

Yes I would and yes I have.

What’s your next health and fitness goal and how are you planning to achieve it?

To broaden my approach to being healthy, like I alluded to earlier right now I’m transitioning to a more active lifestyle away from the gym, to be more flexible (yeah pun intended) about maintaining and improving my fitness.

How has your life changed since you started your program? How do you feel?

My life has changed for the better in almost every way imaginable. That’s not hyperbole, since I’ve started with Chris I’ve made genuine life changing breakthroughs from a career and relationship point of view (first full time permanent job landed, confidence to start dating) that just would not have been possible without the total change that I have talked about.  It’s impossible to sum up ‘how I feel’ about all of that. How do you feel about someone saving your life and then helping you become a better person that you ever imagined? That.