Glen 36 {ironman, mind&body}

Glen – Age 36

‘The 12 week Half IM challenge! Who said it was not possible… after completing my virgin tri at Noosa 2016, I set off seeking a challenge and stumbled across Chris and the CLS crew. He took me from zero to hero in 12 weeks and I just completed my second triathlon and 1st half IM… best of all, I’m injury free, strong and only just beginning’

Why did you decide start personal training and wellness coaching?

Strength in mind, flexibility in body, flexibility in mind, strength in body

What goals did you have when you first met Chris?

Do a half IM, and one day if my brain can let me… so a full IM. Basically I wanted to excel in this area of my life so that i could take this habit into all areas of my life. The way we do the small things is the way we do the big things

Did you have any injuries or special concerns that you needed Chris to be able to work around or improve?

Not really, though I did go from zero to half IM in 12 weeks of training and remained injury free due to the platform Chris has created

What changes or achievements do you feel you’ve made to your fitness and well-being to date?

I am a lean, mean, fighting machine. I have built muscles for once – I have been on endurance runs I thought were once for professionals. I have seen my weight reduce, though my strength increase…

How do you feel now, compared to before you started your program?

Awesome. I have never ever in my life been up at around 4:30 – 5am ever morning and loving it!

What sort of training have you been doing?

a combination of swim, ride and runs. plus a good mix of flexibility and strength. I also have interval sessions and endurance sessions

How many sessions do you do each week?

I typically do 6 days a week, most mornings at around 5am. I did build this up though from 4 mornings a week, around 6 hours of training, right through to 16 hours of training when including endurance work in the weekends. all this is easily tailored though to your level of availability

Do you train on your own sometimes? Or do you only do the sessions with Chris?

99% is with the CLS community. I do some swims on my own but pretty much if left to my own devices I wouldn’t have trained half as much as I do…

What line has Chris used during training that made you chuckle or roll your eyes?

“You know what I mean…” I am like, no I do not know what you mean but I am sure it will all make sense

What are your favourite words of wisdom from Chris that have really struck a chord for you?

Find gratitude where you least likely want to find it…

How has Chris helped or supported you with achieving your goals?

Gentle guidance, kick up the ass, trickery, pats on the back, moral support….

What part of your training program do you enjoy most?

The structure, logging the results, comparing the progression, spending time with the crew and leading by example! Anything is possible!

What part of your training program do you enjoy least?

the damn consistency… every day, every morning, training when you are tired… but overall, this is the part I have learnt to love as this is where the magic happens… staying true to your word.. “Yes Chris, I will see you in the morning”

How did you find out about Chris?

I was doing swim squad at QUT

Would you recommend Chris to your friends and family? Have you recommended Chris to your friends and family?

Yes, and yes

What’s your next health and fitness goal and how are you planning to achieve it?

Build power and strength throughout my entire body! Keep training every day!

How has your life changed since you started your program? How do you feel?

Have a sparkle in my eye, I have a zest for life and I feel that I can excel at anything. My body transformation has been awesome, plus my mind is staying true to my word.