Peta 54 {weightloss, fitness}

Peta – 54

I have struggled with my weight all my life as a teenager & right throughout my adulthood. I have done most diets & the only one that ever really worked for me was Weight watcher but then I put the weight back on over the next 10 – 15years.  It was only about 2 kg a year – but never coming back off.

I knew I had to stop this upward track. I was exercising. I was watching what I was eating within reason. I was not drinking lots. But nothing really worked. The doctor said to me that I needed to do something so he sent me to a dietitian (once a month).  We all have the right intentions but we need support & guidance from someone who knows our specific needs.

A friend suggested that I contact Chris & chat to him. I do not work in the city so we do our sessions by skype. That was 18 month ago & I have lost over thirty kgs all naturally. I feel the best I have in over 20 years.

The first few months was all about food.  I found that it counts for 80% of the success. I would write my food diary each day. Note the calories that Chris set for me and text him each day on how I was going – not just food but how i was feeling: what was happening in my life. How I was going emotionally. Chris took all these factors into account. This was so important as I needed the base to build upon. I think this is the prime reason I have managed to keep the weight off.

Then Chris set out the exercise program. Only 30 minutes a day three times a week. There was no flogging in the gym.  It was getting me doing exercise without getting hurt – about getting strong in the body and the mind. Chris introduced me to yoga which has been so beneficial for increasing my flexibility and strength. If there is a session I need to do it is the yoga.  The amount of exercise has gradually built up but I can do it, even though he keeps raising the bar. I am running, swimming and cycling. I now do about 5 – 7 hrs of training a week. That is both aerobic & strength Training. I see Chris by Skype each fortnight now & he sets me training each week that I do myself at my gym. I like the variety in the training & how he builds it up & always asks if there is any injuries.

The CLS Wellness Village provides the support & continued motivation to keep going  🙂

The reason Chris has been so good for me is that I have been accountable each day by having to text him each day. Makes me send my food diary each week & I record my training which he sees & reviews.  He is always encouraging & supportative.

It is well worth the money.  Come join us. It will be worth the journey!