Client stories

The common thread with these success stories is that everyone has put both time and energy into understanding how their body and mind work together to create a healthy person.  Each person’s wellness journey and transition to a healthier way of living is different based on their understanding of who they are, their purpose and their intentions. The program helps them to enhance their relationship with themselves by setting goals, committing themselves to those goals and celebrating their victories along the way.

  • David 27 {weightloss, fitness}
  • Rob 48 {weightloss, fitness}
  • Annette 52 {weightloss, fitness}
  • Glen 36 {trialthlon, mind&body}
  • Andrea 30 {weightloss, fitness}
  • Ginny 53 {weightloss, fitness}
  • Peta 54 {weightloss, fitness}
  • Connie 31 {strength, running}
  • Joanne early 30s {weightloss, fitness}
  • Karen 53 {weightloss, fitness}
  • Mike 63 {fitness, balance}
  • Nad 25 {weightloss, muscle}
  • Paul 60 {marathon}
  • Rob 61 {running, injury}
  • Ruby 35 {triathlon}