Mike 63 {fitness, balance}

Mike1Q&A with Mike (63), Teacher

Why did you decide start personal training and wellness coaching?
A desire to ‘get fit’

What goals did you have when you first met Chris?
No clear goals – Chris helped me develop them in terms of strength fitness, flexibility and balance

Did you have any injuries or special concerns that you needed to be able to work around or improve?
Polio in my right leg; extensive muscle wastage, some hip flexor available and some ‘hammy’ no quads

What changes or achievements do you feel you’ve made to your fitness and well-being to date?
Extensive increases in strength, flexibility and balance

How do you feel now, compared to before you started your program?
Substantially healthier

What sort of training have you been doing?
Strength, fitness, flexibility and balance

How many sessions do you do each week?

Do you train on your own sometimes? Or do you only do the sessions with Chris?
Both. I also have a commercial rowing machine at home as well as the essential yoga mat!

How do you find the nutritional program and guidance?Mike2

How has Chris helped or supported you with achieving your goals?
Excellent custom adaptation of training programs to my personal context.

What part of your training program do you enjoy most?
Strength work

What part of your training program do you enjoy least?
None particularly (perhaps the stability)

How did you find out about Chris?
I was asked to have an assessment when I joined the QUT healthstream gym. I mentioned that previous assessments had not been helpful as they did not recognise the disability in any meaningful way. The staff member suggested that Chris had both the training and experience to do a ‘proper’ assessment

Have you or would you recommend Chris to your friends and family? 
Absolutely – yes I have recommended him

What’s your next health and fitness goal and how are you planning to achieve it?
Serious attack on weight loss. According to the BMI chart I am overweight (which I am!) I have a good knowledge of nutrition but need to implement it!

How has your life changed since you started your program? How do you feel?
I weight bear on walking sticks (two) for mobility. I can walk longer, and I fall less (this used to be frequent). I can stand longer when teaching.

Any other experiences, thoughts or background you’d like to share?
Chris has an unusual ability to adapt his knowledge to individual (and challenging) cases. This is a combination of an inquiring personality coupled with an extensive knowledge of exercise/fitness methods and human physiology. I consider him to be exceptional as a trainer.

Thanks for sharing your experience Mike!