Paul 60 {marathon}

Why did you decide start personal training and wellness coaching?
I met Chris when I joined the Healthstream and he convinced me.

What goals did you have when you first met Chris?Paul1
To improve my time in the Marathon (recent best of 4hr 40min).

What changes or achievements do you feel you’ve made to your fitness and well-being to date?
My flexibility has improved significantly, my running action is more efficient and I can run faster, longer!

How do you feel now, compared to before you started your program
Feeling really good and confident that I can improve my marathon time later this year

What sort of training have you been doing?
Yoga, stretching, speed and tempo runs on the treadmill.

How many sessions do you do each week?
Two sessions with Chris.

Do you train on your own sometimes? Or do you only do the sessions with Chris?
I do two other runs during the week – an easy medium length run and a long run.

How do you find the nutritional program and guidance?
Chris introduced me to endurance gels for the long run and that has been great. His discrete enquiries about my diet are an incentive to cut back on the calories!

What text message from Chris has made you laugh?
Ling ling on Groupon

What line has Chris used during training that made you chuckle or roll your eyes?
“It hurts me to watch you suffer.”

Paul2 What are your favourite words of wisdom from Chris that have really struck a chord for you?
“Not finished yet!”

How has Chris helped or supported you with achieving your goals?
Great support at training sessions and through texts enquiring how I’m going with my my long runs.

What part of your training program do you enjoy most?Bullsh*tting with Chris

What part of your training program do you enjoy least?

How did you find out about Chris?
Found him when I joined Healthstream

Would you recommend Chris to your friends and family? Have you recommended Chris to your friends and family?
Yes and yes. My wife is going to have a trial session with Chris shortly.

What’s your next health and fitness goal and how are you planning to achieve it?
I’ll think about it after the marathon.

How has your life changed since you started your program? How do you feel?
Feel really fit and confident that I am on the right track and getting the right advice from a pro.

Any other experiences, thoughts or background you’d like to share?
Apart from his light hearted approach to training, Chris customises your sessions taking into account your age and ability and any known issues and he is quick to spot problems and come up with solutions.

Thanks for sharing your experience Paul!