Rob 61 {running, injury}

Q&A with Rob (61) – Management consultant

Why did you decide to start personal training and wellness coaching?
I have been a competitive footballer and runner for most of my life, but I have relied on ‘natural aptitude’ and conditioning through running as preparation for competition. After encouragement from family and a mounting toll of injuries, I started training with Chris.

What goals did you have when you first met Chris?
To overcome injuries and be able to run competitively again, and to lose weight.

Did you have any injuries or special concerns that you needed Chris to be able to work around or improve?
I have always had a stiff back. The original reasons are lost now – probably contributed to by water skiing accidents, but my back was stiff and inflexible even then, so it must have been even earlier. In 1999 I have microdiscectomy and laminectomy on the L5S1 disc, so it was imperative that my trainer knew what they were doing when it came to back exercises.

What changes or achievements do you feel you’ve made to your fitness and wellbeing to date?
Chris’s approach – flexibility and diet first, then gym etc. worked a treat. I have never been as aware how much I have been giving up by ‘working around’ my back and core strength issues rather than addressing them.

How do you feel now, compared to before you started your program?
I haven’t felt this good in years. Now I have taken a conscious decision to limit running and to focus on lower impact exercise, such as bike riding. To my surprise, I have improved dramatically and quickly and can now ride comfortably for 2+ hours and average 27+ kph. Good stuff!

What sort of training have you been doing?
Mostly bike riding now. I need to get back into more training sessions when I’m travelling less for work.

How many sessions do you do each week?
I worked with Chris twice per week.

Do you train on your own sometimes?   
I ride by myself and with a small group.

How do you find the nutritional program and guidance?      
Chris is knowledgeable and always has something new and different to try.

What text message from Chris has made you laugh?
I just rode up Mt Mee – three times!

How has Chris helped or supported you with achieving your goals?    
Chris understands me and how I work when it comes to pushing hard at training and work rate. We worked together on setting up the program, and he really listens when I talk about how it’s going. He’s always there with a new variation to try and is always on the lookout for what will make a difference.

What part of your training program do you enjoy most?    
I like the yoga focus. I would never have taken this route myself and it has made such a difference to my overall condition.

What part of your training program do you enjoy least?
Having to go slow when I want to hammer away!

How did you find out about Chris?
Chris and I are lifelong friends!

Would you recommend Chris to your friends and family? Have you recommended Chris to your friends and family?
I recommend Chris at every chance I get.

What’s your next health and fitness goal and how are you planning to achieve it?
Ride the 100 km Brisbane Gold Coast Cycle Challenge Consult coach Chris for a program!

How has your life changed since you started your program? How do you feel?  
I haven’t felt this good in years. I’m fitter and more flexible at 60 than I was at 50.

Thanks for sharing your experience Rob!